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Standing Beside the Kapululangu Women Elders as they Hold their Law and Culture and Make Their Children Strong


(posted: 29 January 2014. Closes: ongoing until further notice.)

Kapululangu Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre is seeking the assistance of one or more grant-writing and fundraising specialists to volunteer with our dynamic team.

If you have grant-writing and/or fundraising skills and experience, coupled with a keen passion to make a real difference for and with very remote Aboriginal peoples, then we’d like to hear from you.    

Your work will enable us to continue the work of our Women Elders to pass their cultural knowledge onto their Younger Generations thereby empowering them to have pride, resilience, courage, and determination, and thus health and wellbeing. Working with Kapululangu is a great way to make a real difference to Aboriginal people’s lives.


Kapululangu is Australia’s only Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre, and arguably Australia’s most remote women’s centre. We are a core provider of a unique range of Aboriginal Women’s Law (Ceremony) and Culture (custom) programs and services. While we focus especially on providing for Aboriginal women and girls in the four communities of the Kutjungka/Tjurabalan region of the south-east Kimberley, we also provide logistical support in Law activities to our Aboriginal men and boys. We also offer Law and Culture training to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous women from throughout the Kimberley, across Australia, and around the world.

A uniquely Aboriginal women’s cultural response to locally-identified socio-economic problems that the women have themselves identified, Kapululangu is a locally-inspired strategy committed to improving the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health of Aboriginal women and girls, men and boys. It was formed by the Women Elders in 1999.

Kapululangu is exceptional in that it was established by the Senior Law Women and Tjarrtjurra (Women Healers) of seven Language Groups (“tribes”). Many of our Women Elders were born in the desert and raised in the Old Ways (traditional lifeways) before the arrival of the dominant society in their ancestral homelands. Thus, they are among the Last Generation of Aboriginal Australians to have learned the old dances, songs, and rituals. Our Elders believe that their families’ social challenges can only be healed through connectedness with Law, Culture and Country.  

They wish to pass their knowledge onto their Younger Generations before they die so that their families may be proud, strong, resilient and healthy survivors into the future. To this end, Kapululangu runs an intergenerational cultural knowledge transmission program designed to assist Balgo people to enjoy, revitalise and sustain their Law and Culture as part of their contemporary lives.

SELECTION CRITERIA* (Please provide documented evidence of each duty and skill (1-18) items in your response.)

 In this rewarding volunteer role you will undertake the following duties:

 1. develop a Fundraising Strategy

 2. develop an annual grantor database

       3. write grant applications

·      4. complete all required reports for funding commitments

·      5. develop strategies to encourage new or increased contributions

·      6. implement fundraising initiatives

       7. monitor progress of fundraising programs

·      8. develop and maintain media contact lists


Essentially, you will demonstrate:

9. Experience in grant-writing and/or fundraising

10. Ability to take the initiative and work independently as well as a part of a team


      11. Understanding of the socio-economic situation facing very remote Aboriginal peoples

12. General understanding of Not-for-Profit community sector


      13. Excellent written and communication skills

      14. Willingness to take ownership and complete allocated tasks

      15. Computer literate – word and excel, internet and social media are essential

      16. Excellent time management

      17. Enthusiasm for working with and assisting Aboriginal people and making a difference

18. Experience of working with an Aboriginal organisation or community (not necessary). 



As most of your work will be online, you are not required to live in our remote community. We have an active volunteer program and you will be joining a team of mainly volunteers, many who live across Australia and overseas.

Your time commitment is negotiable. Ideally we’re seeking someone who can commit to working to advance Kapululangu at least 10 hours per week over a 12 month period. However we understand that volunteers have lives, so if you’d like to make an alternative offer we’d like to hear it. 


If you are interested in making a real difference to Aboriginal Women, and to their families and community, by helping Kapululangu grow our services and financial capacity please outline your experience to each of the COMPETENCIES listed above and email to us along with your CV.

Our email address is kapululangu.women.centre@gmail.com  We will reply back to you as quickly as possible.


For more information please go to our website: www.kapululangu.org  

If you have any questions please email us at kapululangu.women.centre@gmail.com




(This Invitation is Ongoing: Volunteering Positions are opening up all the time.)

Are you interested in coming out to Western Australia’s Great Sandy Desert to join us at the Kapululangu Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre as a Volunteer to help care for the Women Elders here?

Kapululangu is Australia’s only Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre, one of Australia’s most remote Women’s Centre (and Aboriginal too boot), and a core provider of Women’s Law (ceremonial) and Culture (custom) activities and events for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous women from across the Kimberley, throughout Australia, and around the world.

The Volunteer position involves caring, cooking, cleaning, driving and some providing logistical support for culture work (eg. trips to Country) for six (6) amazing Women Elders, and sometimes their families and community.

We are looking for resourceful, self-motivated and initiative-taking women who are prepared to do what it takes to ensure that our remarkable Women Elders are properly cared for. You don't necessarily have to be skilled in any way other than in life skills. The minimum length of a Volunteer stay is 1 month - but there are options to extend for the right person. The hours are long and hard, but (based on the experience of every other volunteer) it’s fun and you’ll fall in love with the Elders and not want to ever leave them.

In exchange you get to live with and learn from some of Australia's most magnificent Aboriginal Women Elders. These Elders grew up in the desert before the Kartiya (Strangers) arrived in their ancestral homelands - an event that changed their world forever – all within their lifetimes. These Nintipuka Tutju (Clever Women Teachers) and Tjarrtjurra (Women Healers) are Custodians of the Old Ways (Kururralkatjanu). That makes them very special people and simply being with them is an opportunity of a lifetime.

If you are the right person we'll get you a permit to join us in this remotest of Australian Aboriginal communities where you will spend top quality time with our Elders.

We at Kapululangu are always open for the right woman who can make a difference to the lives of our Elders and our kids. And you’ll get to make life-time friends with the other volunteers too. We hope to hear from all of the many women who have said over the past year that they’d like to visit the Elders in 2014.

You will need to cover your own expenses to get here. That’s the cost of flying from wherever you are to Broome or to Kununurra both in Western Australia, or and then $350 on the plane to Balgo. Plus you will need to contribute $100 a week for food and accommodation (as we all do).

We know that that sounds like a lot especially if you haven’t got access to ready cash, but think of all the workshops you’d have to do to learn what you’re going to learn here with our Elders would rate in the tens-of-thousands of dollars. With Kapululangu you get to all the teaching and guidance at no charge at all. You get it for free!

If this opportunity sounds just right for you, or if you are at all interested, then please write to us at kapululangu.women.centre@gmail.com 

Please tell us the dates you’d like to come and how long you’d like to stay. Tell us something about yourself. Are you Aboriginal, or Indigenous? Have you lived in a remote Aboriginal community before, or are you simply keen to learn more about how to make a difference? What special skills do you bring with you – and we all are special in some way? And please don’t hold back on asking any questions.

The Kapululangu Women Elders are waiting to welcome the right women into their lives. So if you think this describes you and if you are up for a wonderful experience then please contact us.

Email: kapululangu.women.centre@gmail.com  

 (Caveat: The Kapululangu Aboriginal Women's Law and Culture Centre supports and facilitates the ceremonial and cultural work of the Women Elders (and the Men Elders, albeit to a lesser extent) of the Kutjungka region in the South-East Kimberley. While we are not an aged care facility our work involves a lot of parallels with aged care. However, we wish to ensure that it is understood by all prospective volunteers that we are not trained aged-care professionals. We are not engaged in the health services in any way. Therefore we are not able to provide supervision, internships, or mentoring in aged-care or health services. What we can do is provide you with a unique learning environment in which you can become better skilled in cross-cultural communication and care-giving as a step towards ensuring that you might be a health professional who s adept at poviding the health services that Indigenous peoples want and need. It is with this caveat and understanding that we welcome offers to volunteer from women who are involved in the caring and health professions – just as we welcome offers from all women, both Indigenous and Not-Indigenous.)   

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