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Standing Beside the Kapululangu Women Elders as they Hold their Law and Culture and Make Their Children Strong


The positions on this page were updated on 12 August 2014. 

Three Positions are currently available: 
- Grant writer . fund-raiser
- Administrative Assistant 
- Marlpa (Companion) caring for our Elders (must be female)

Grant Writers and Fund Raisers. 
(posted: 12 August 2014. Closes: ongoing until further notice.)

 Kapululangu Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre is seeking the assistance of one or more grant-writing and fundraising specialists to volunteer with our dynamic team.

If you have grant-writing and/or fundraising skills and experience, coupled with a keen passion to make a real difference for and with very remote Aboriginal people, then we’d like to hear from you.    

 Your work will enable us to continue the work of our Women Elders to pass their cultural knowledge onto their Younger Generations thereby empowering them to have pride, resilience, courage, and determination, and thus health and wellbeing. Working with Kapululangu is a great way to make a real difference to Aboriginal people’s lives.

You do not need to live in Balgo to be join our Grant Writers Team. We're happy to do virtual.

If you are interested please email us kwc.vols@gmail.com


Administrative Assistant

Kapululangu is currently looking for a virtual volunteer Administrative Assistant.
You will need to have had some experience in the administration of an organisation or charity. 
This position is currently open. For more information please email us at kwc.vols@gmail.com 


Marlpa (Companion) Carer for our Women Elders

Our Marlpa Positions are open all the time. We aim to fit in with your availability. 

Are you interested in coming out to Western Australia’s Great Sandy Desert to join us at the Kapululangu Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre as a Volunteer to help care for the Women Elders here?

Kapululangu is Australia’s only Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre, one of Australia’s most remote Women’s Centre (and Aboriginal too boot), and a core provider of Women’s Law (ceremonial) and Culture (custom) activities and events for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous women from across the Kimberley, throughout Australia, and around the world.

The Volunteer position involves caring, cooking, cleaning, driving and some providing logistical support for culture work (eg. trips to Country) for five (5) amazing Women Elders, and sometimes their families and community.

We are looking for resourceful, self-motivated and initiative-taking women who are prepared to do what it takes to ensure that our remarkable Women Elders are properly cared for. You don't necessarily have to be skilled in any way other than in life skills. The minimum length of a Volunteer stay is 1 month - but there are options to extend for the right person. The hours are long and hard, but (based on the experience of every other volunteer) it’s fun and you’ll fall in love with the Elders and not want to ever leave them.

In exchange you get to live with and learn from some of Australia's most magnificent Aboriginal Women Elders. These Elders grew up in the desert before the Kartiya (Strangers) arrived in their ancestral homelands - an event that changed their world forever – all within their lifetimes. These Nintipuka Tutju (Clever Women Teachers) and Tjarrtjurra (Women Healers) are Custodians of the Old Ways (Kururralkatjanu). Simply being with them is an opportunity of a lifetime.

We at Kapululangu are always open for the right woman who can make a difference to the lives of our Elders and our kids. And you’ll get to make life-time friends with the other volunteers too. 

If this opportunity sounds just right for you, or if you are at all interested, then please write to us at kapululangu.women.centre@gmail.com 

The Kapululangu Women Elders are waiting to welcome the right women into their lives. So if you think this describes you and you are keen to make a real difference then please contact us and we'll send you more information. 

Email: kwc.vols@gmail.com  

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